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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Gender and development...

The BBC have examined a really interesting case study of a boy who was brought up as a girl.

It is often difficult to distinguish between genetic/biological and environmental influences, but the child had a twin brother - possibly the best control participant ever!


  1. Will there come a time when brain-gender designation at birth will be based upon some test result instead of genitalia-gender, or this just too early to identify brain-gender?

    Is brain-gender binary, or is it more of a continuum between two extremes?

  2. Well, I doubt it could be as simple as a binary distinction. Remember the controversy over the testing on Caster Semenya?! Chromosomal, hormonal and environmental influences are all likely to impact on gender identity. In terms of brain organisation - there certainly are sex differences, but this is 100% a continuum, so "brain sex" is unlikely to provide some kind of "diagnosis" (for want of a better word!).